Green chem. is stricted in GMP certificated management,
and had passed the test of QA & HSE by many of the global corporation.
Chemicals For Coating
Intermediate Chemicals
Other Functional Chemicals
Yancheng Greying Chemical Co., Ltd.
High-tech enterprises with pharmaceutical intermediates and special fine chemicals as the main development direction

We, YANCHENG GREEN CHEMICALS CO., LTD, is a high-tech private enterprise in Jiangsu, specialized in producing chemicals for coating and other functional chemicals.

Our production base is located on the Shore of Yellow Sea, near National Highway 204 Jiangsu Yancheng Ao'yang industrial park, over 20 thousand square meters.  We have Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (GMP) production workshops and multifunctional production workshops, which have more than 40 reaction kettles of 50~5000 L and perfect supporting facilities, equipped with completed three-waste treatment system. Most of the reactions in the temperature……MORE>>

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